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Selected Recent Trips
Peru & Ecuador, 2008 Peru & Ecuador
Nov & Dec 2008: 4 weeks of travel bliss!
  Cycling Utah, 2008 Cycling Utah
Nov, 2008: Road bikes, backpacks, 5 days, 8 friends, one snow day.

Europe, 2001 Europe, 2001
3 months, 10 countries, 102 highlight photos.
  Carter Backcountry Bachelor Weekend Carter Backcountry Bachelor Weekend
March, 2009 Wasatch, UT. Epic.

Heli-Skiing Heli Skiing
March 2009. Shambroom brothers, Mike Wiegele, nirvana.
Email Diary - 2001 Email updates from my Europe 2001 trip. ("Harper's Index" format)
J's Italian for Travellers Useful phrases and words from my month in Italy, 2001.
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Italian Phrase Finder

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Jonathan's Italian for Travellers
Da vero - Really?
Mi prendi in giro - you are kidding.
Vai à - are you going to...
Potrei avere un passaggio à - can I have a ride to...
Avete un altro casco? - Do you have another helmet
Non ti preoccupare - never mind
Dove posso noleggiare una - Where can I buy or rent a...
Già - already
fratello - brother
sorella - sister
Devo trovare - I must find
Dove posso comprare - where can I buy
Conesciere - do you know
Vorrei - I would like
Voglio - I want
Ieri - yesterday
Oggi - today
Pomerigio - afternoon
stamani - this morning
Stasera - tonight
matina - morning
sera - night
traghetto - ferry
Questa - this
Cestino - garbage
Forse - maybe
Avete - do you have
FrancoBolli - stamps
L'ultima - last
Doppo - next
Doppio - double
Posso far ti una photographia - can I take your picture
Cosa questa? - How much?
Che Cosa - what is this?
Non ancora - not yet
Li - there
Preferita/o - favorite
Qual qua volta - sometimes
Veramente - actually
Essatamente - exactly
A che ora aprere / cuidere - what time do you open or close
Dove Siamo Adesso - where are we now
Sinistra - left
Destra - right
Sempre a diritto - straight ahead
Monstrarmi - show me

Svezia - sweden
Svizzera - switzerland
Danimarca - denmark
Francha - France
Germania - Germany

Correre - to go running

Sei una buono insegnante - you are a good teacher
Io voglio provare a parlare l'Italiano
Perdoni il mio Italiano - pardon my italian
Sei troppo gentille - you are too nice
Mi pùo auiotare - can you help me
Grazie per avermi auiotato a parlare in italiano - thanks for helping me speak italian.

Puo darmi un altro coperta e un altro cuscino, per favore - Can you please give me an extra blanket and pillow

sono pieno, sono sazio, sono saturo. Ho niente fame. - I am fully, stuffed, saturated, no more hunger
Un bicchiere grande latte fredo - a big glass of cold milk
Ordiamo qui oppure al tavalo? - do we order here or at the table
Quanto grande? - how big
Tovagliolo - napkin
Cosa preferisci - what do you prefer
Cosa mi consiglia - what do you receommend to me
Queste e dissetente - this (drink) is refreshing.

Come Va - How are you (slang, when you know someone)
Come Butta - What's up (slang, for only a good guy friend that you talk shop with)
Cosi mi raconti - what do you want to tell
Di mi - tell me
Ho pense anch'io - I think so too
Sono d'accordo - I agree
Non Si sa mai - one never knows
Cosa desidera - what would you like
Non c'e problema - no problem
Piacere di conoscerti - nice to meet you
Ci Rivediamo - hope to see you again.

Questa e la Vita - That's life
Vivere Bene - Living large
Ay, Che Catzo - Shit. (something bad happened. e.g. ouch, I just hurt myself)
Ne e valsa la pena - it's worth the wait.
Torno Subito - be right back
Sarà solegiatto domani - will it be sunny tomorrow?
Ho fame da morire - I have the hunger of death
La ringrazio - I am grateful
Certo - right (certamente - of course)
Allora - well then
La potenze della speranze - the power of hope
Aspetto e spero - wait and hope
Ecco ci qua - here we are
Sbagliando si impara - make mistakes to learn
Ti sono manchato? - Did you miss me?
Fami sapere - let me know
Navigare in cattive acque - in trouble (water)
Non vedo l'ora di - I can't wait until
Rosso di sera, bel tempo si spera - red sky at night, shepherds delight
Rosso di mattina, la pioggia si avvicina - red sky at morning, take warning
Non devi dirmelo due volte - you don't have to tell me twice
sono americano, non sono stupido - I am american, not stupid
Difficile, ma non impossibile - difficult, but not impossible
La vita e soltanto una - you only live once (or, la vita e una sola)
Fatto veloce - that was fast
In bocca al Lupo - good luck for a competition (in the mouth of the wolf)
Crepi il lupo - yes, we'll win (kill the wolf)
Rompere gli coglione - bust my balls
Mi hai rotto i coglioni - you're busting my balls
M' ha rutt u'cazz - you're busting my balls (southern italy dialect slang)
Mi sono scocciato - I'm bored
Voglio scoparti per 24 ore - would you like to make love for 24 hours?
Siamo in due - that makes two of us
O, pero! - My my! (really!)
Quindee - therefore
Comunque - anyway
mi fa piacere - that makes me happy
mi dai dei puenti - give me points
Ho della buone notizie - I have good news.

Resto per tre giorni oppure una settimane - I am staying for 3 days or a week
Divertante - funny
Mio paese e sotto attacco - my country is under attack (Sept. 11)
Quando ero piccolo vivevo a New York, ma ora vivo a San Francisco.
Vivo a San Francisco per undici ani, ma sono natto e crescuito a New york.
Il mio cuore e sanguina.
Da dove vienni - where are you from
Dove habita - where do you live
Sto cercando - I am looking for
Spedire - to send
Dove la piu viscino palestra?
Quanti anni mi daresti - how old do you think I am?
Che lavoro fai - what do you do for work?
Dove lavori - where do you work?
Quanto temp ci vuole per arrivere a Roma - how long before we arrive in Rome

J's Travelling Workout
Upper Body  
Pushups (chest) All you need is the floor. (plenty of room in the aisle of a train, airplane, hotel room, etc.)
Dips (triceps)
Place each hand on something that is the same height, w/ room to lower yourelf in between or in front of, and place your feet up on something at about the same height, about 3-4 feet away.
E.g. - Find two chairs, position them 2-3 feet apart, facing away from each other, and place one hand on the top of the back of each chair. Position them away from a bed, counter, ledge, that can put your feet up on. OR, go to a ledge (the edge of a desk), and put both hands on it, and put your feet up on the back of a chair in front of you. Pretty easy to improvise.
10-20 dips.
Curls (biceps)

Almost everyone travels with knapsack. Grab a strap, and it's your new dumbell. But first, load it up with as much weight as you want (or can find). Things I've used: Books, water bottles, china, bottles of wine and olive oil, sack of flour, rocks, turtle, etc. Kitchen is a great source.
(Just kidding about the turtle).
10-15 curls w/ each arm.

Shoulders & Deltoids

The items for this are more challenging to find, but not impossible. You want two items that are as close to the same weight as possible, relatively light 8-10 lbs., and easy to hold and grip - because they are your dumbells.
Things I've used: Two large books that were almost identical in size (and therefore the same weight), two wine bottles in each hand (hold the necks), etc.
The exercises:
1. Standing, bent at waist to 90 degrees. Start w/ straight arms near your feet, and raise them, still straight, up to your sides. And back down.
2. Same exercise, but stand straight up and do it. Arms by your side, raise them straight arm until they are parallel to the ground but in line w/ your body, and lower them.
3. Similar, standing straight up, arms by your side, but now raise them stright up in front of you instead of to your side. Easier on your wrists if you can rotate your hands so your thumbs are pointing up. Easy if you're gripping some bottles.
10 reps for each exercise.

Bicycles (Abs)

1. Bicycle Crunches. On back, legs up w/ right angle in the knees, hands behind head. Extend left leg out straight, and rotate torso to touch left elbow to right knee. Go the other way, touch right elbow to left knee, and extend the right leg out straight. Doing both sides = one rep.
A) 20 reps at a medium speed - - 2 seconds per leg
B) 20 reps very slow - 4 seconds per leg
C) 20 reps very fast - less than one second per leg (as fast as you can go)

Scissors and Circles
(Abs & lower back)

1. Scissors - lie on your back, hands under your butt for support, or behind your head.
Legs straight, One pointing at an angle up, one pointing straight, scissors them up and down.
20-50 of these.
2. Circles - same position but w/ feet together. Bring knees up to your chest and then back away from you, so your feet are going in a circular motion, as if tracing the outline of a tire that is about to roll up your chest.
10-20 of these in one direction, then same motion but opposite direction.
Side Leg Lifts

(Need a little extra space for this one)
Lie on your back w/ arms outstretched to your sides, straight arms (this is for balance).
W/ legs straight, feet together, start with them directly straight up in the air.
Lower them slowly straight down to your left side to about a few inches above the ground, but don't touch. then raise them back up again. Stop dead center. Then lower them to your right side, again, stopping just before the ground, and back up again.
10-20 reps both sides.


(Lower Back)


Lie on your stomach, arms straight out above your head Superman style, legs straight.
Lift both arms and legs off the ground 3 - 12 inches high, hold for 1-2 seconds, and then down.
Do 10-20 of these.
Easier, or for variety - instead of lifting both arms and both legs all at once, lift left arm and right leg, hold, then down, then lift right arm and left leg, etc.
Wall Sits
The purest exercise there is for your quads! Feet shoulder width apart. Right angle in your knees. Back straight against a wall. Hands by your sides. HARDER - try it w/ your toes up, so all your weight is in your heels.
Hold this for anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, depending on your fitness.
Repeat up to 3-5 sets.
Make sure you keep perfect form. If your legs start shaking... it's working.
(Quads, hip flexors)

Feet shoulder width apart, hands behind your head. Lower slowly to right angle in your knee, and back up. Try to keep your knees over your feet, not further forward)
10-20 reps
One-Legged Squats

Arms out for balance, standing on one leg, other leg out in front of you (or whatever is comfortable). Lower yourself on one leg as low as possible, and come back up.
10-20 reps each leg
Hamstring Isometrics
Extremely hard to work out the hamstring in an improvised fashion.
The best I've come up with is to stand straight up, stick one leg through a knapsack strap, where the knapsack is loaded with weight, and lift the knapsack up to the point where there's a 90 degree angle in you knee, your foot is raised behind you.
Now hold it there for 10-30 seconds (or longer) depending on how much weight is in the knapsack, and fitness level.
Repeat 1 to 3 times w/ each leg.
Ski Tuck Jumps

Get into the position of a downhill ski racer (feet at least shoulder width apart, arms extended far in front of you, straight out, butt pretty far back, and your back should be low and close to parallel to the ground).
From here, jump as high up as you can, trying to hold the position, then land in the position.
Repeat. important to keep those arms in front, driving your hands forward.
Do 10-20 of these. Trust me, you'l feel it. Even more the next day!

Sumo Squat Jumps

You need a long straight column of space w/ good clear surface for this one.
Start in a squat position, on your toes, with your butt almost resting on your heels. You're as low to the ground as you can get. Back straight up, arms by your side.
Now jump as far forward as possible, travelling at least 2-6 feet per jump, and land in the same position. You basically stay in the super low squat position.. As soon as you land and regain balance, do it again. So you are travelling forward, jump after jump after jump.
Do 10-20 of these.

Remember to fully stretch out after you're done. Especially legs and lower back!
You may get some funny looks, you may make some new friends, but you'll definitely get a good workout.

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